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Walking in God’s Confidence

Chase ME!

“Jesus…You mean more than this world to me. I wouldn't trade You for silver nor gold. I wouldn't trade You for riches untold. You mean more than this world to me.” This is part of a song we sing in worship of Jesus Christ. But how true are these words to us as we sing them? Does your heart truly pant for Him regardless of what is around you? Every where Jesus Christ went the crowds gathered to hear Him speak. They heard how He healed the sick, delivered those afflicted with demons and how He preached in a manner that was unlike the Scribes and the Pharisees. This Jesus was indeed worth seeing, thus they gathered to Him from all works of life, from every nook and cranny of Palestine with their sick in tow. If we were to compare what was happening then to our time, we would declare that Jesus was a very charismatic speaker that had power to attract large audiences everywhere He went. We would either assume or conclude that He was courting the crowds so they could keep coming bac…

No Where To Go – Mercy Awaits!

God Pleaser