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Enduring Love

Careful study of the Bible reveals that since creation, God has and is taking people through several eras or time periods. Each era is unique as we see the workings of God in different dimensions from one era to another. The first era experienced by people was that of conscience, a time when God spoke to people majorly and universally through His creation as evidenced in the books of Genesis, Job and also Romans 1:20. The second era was the era of the law as given by God to Moses on Mount Sinai (Exodus 19 & 20). Then the birth, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ brought in the era of grace, and its continual impact on humanity as she prepares the soon return of Christ and His kingdom. Finally the one which is to come is the era of the kingdom when the kingdoms of the earth will become the Kingdom of Christ when He will reign forever and ever. Believe it or not, the signs of the times are already visible all around us, in the media, the society, our homes and sadly even in our …

Old Time Religion

When Apostle Paul wrote to Timothy his son in the faith, there were salient points he charged Timothy: his conduct as a true disciple and his responsibility as the herald of the gospel of Christ. Paul warned Timothy specifically in  2Timothy chapters 3 and 4 about a time when men will love themselves as against loving God, blasphemers, unholy, brutal, treacherous, despise all that is good and would be themselves devils. He described it as terrible times, perilous times, a time when it will be difficult to be a child of God. A time when people will reject the true word of God but would rather listen to hyped and false analogies of God's word. A time when they would rather sit around and listen to teachers who peddle the word of God for profit by teaching what the ears and hearts of people want to hear and receive. Can you recognize the time? Just look around you! This, then begs the question, how do we as true believers and disciples maintain the standard Christ has s…

What if...?

The Quest

The Dual Man

The True Child of The Kingdom

Just before Jesus Christ was going to be crucified, He prayed a prayer for all His disciples (including all those that will become disciples based on their testimonies) in John 17, that God the Father should keep them whilst in the world. Not that they should be taken from it, but to be protected from the evil one. Whenever I remember these Scriptures it reminds me that this world, no matter how comfortable, enticing or discouraging it may be or become is not ‘home’. Each human being on the face of the earth is on his/her way to a permanent home: Either in Heaven or Hell! If this position is true, the next question that should come to our heart amongst many others is: What manner of people should we then be? Unfortunately, the world has seeped dangerously into the Church such that it is quite difficult to differentiate a child of God from those of the world. You may argue that we cannot isolate ourselves from the world if we must influence it for God. Very true, but the question remai…