An Answer of Peace

 It is such an amazing discovery to see that the vessel that God used to bring peace to the troubled heart of Pharaoh was a man who was passing through severely troubling times himself. Joseph though was in prison yielded to the quiet training of God and was considered fit and qualified to stand before the King. This is the call for every true son and daughter of God in the midst of these troubling times when nations, corporate organizations, governments, communities, families and individuals are seeking for answers of peace. Friend, can you see that God is teaching you something even in the midst of what you are going through? One vital lesson Joseph learned from his dire circumstances was humility. He learnt to give glory to God for what was done in his life, acknowledging that it was not of him but of God. Too many of God’s children take credit for things God reveals to them as if it were revealed to them by themselves. Before Joseph interpreted the dream for the baker and the butler, he told them that interpretations belong to God, after the interpretation he added from the flesh “remember me when all goes well with you” Genesis 40:6-14). This may seem like an honest request but what was the result? When we try to add flesh to the things of the Spirit we do not get the desired result. Joseph adding flesh to the gift of God resulted in him be forgotten for two full years! When he was later called upon to interpret Pharaoh’s dream, he did it selflessly and God rewarded him by making the second in command to Pharaoh.
           Another lesson Joseph learned from his dire consequences was his ability to encourage himself. This was the reason he was able to discern the sadness in others and had the desire to help them by ministering to them (Genesis 40:1-7). He did not allow what he was going through unjustly weigh him down by affecting his outlook on life. Equally, we saw that in the next two years he was in the prison, he had grown from looking at his abilities to focusing on God. How do we know this? Remember, to the butler and the baker he said “do not interpretations belong to God? Tell me your dreams”, but when told by Pharaoh that he had abilities to interpret dreams, he replied: “it is not in me: God shall give Pharaoh an answer of peace” (Genesis 41:15-16). We can clearly see his self-confidence in the statement he made to the butler and the baker and his spiritual maturity when answering Pharaoh concerning his abilities to interpret dreams, this transformation took a journey. There are many who believe God has left them because of what they are passing through, they look for self-help ways to get out. If only such would open their hearts and look deeper into God’s word, they would see God is closer to them than they think. Though Joseph through his experiences gained the necessary qualifications to stand before Pharaoh, I believe the greatest gain for him was knowing God in a way he never would have known Him if he were to remain in his father Jacob’s house. Do you know that what you get to know about God by experience you get to keep for eternity? To truly walk in the profession of being the light and salt of the earth we must pattern our thoughts and manner of living according to Hebrews 12:15, which tell us to take out all bitter roots as it defiles the living water flowing from our bellies. It does not matter who did the hurting or the circumstances surrounding the hurt; like Joseph, we must let go and be able to give answers of peace to those that are hurting beside us. Friend, hurts, either legitimately or illegitimately has stopped so many from pressing into what God has called them to do or be. When we let go and get rid of the bitter root, then like Joseph we will be well positioned to bring an answer of peace to a sick and dying world.  The grace to do this is released to you in Jesus name. God bless you.


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