The Elymas Spirit

A married woman caught in adultery was asked why she committed the act and her reply was ‘the devil made me do it’. This answer had being one that people give when caught in acts that are terrible. From the thief to the murderer and the cheat, they all claim the devil made them do it. We may mock them as it always happen but it will be great to look at the statement again. Those that believe the statement is laughable insist that the person should be intelligent enough to know and distinguish between right and wrong. I once talked with a man that told me that he was not ready to give his life to Jesus Christ until he has fully enjoyed his life. At this time, he was a drunk, wife abuser and irresponsible. When reminded of these, he replied that he is actually a good man at heart but the devil makes him do some of the bad ‘stuff’. Same with a child of God caught pilfering the funds of the fellowship in his possession; he claimed that the devil made him do it. Maybe you are currently going through some situation and you have started taking decisions and actions you will never have considered yourself taking, help is here for you in Jesus Christ name. You may be one that have fasted and prayed concerning certain issues in your life but you find yourself carrying out the very things you know are wrong to do; help is here if you will only open your heart to receive it.
God sent Apostles Paul and Barnabas to Paphos to rescue a man (Sergius Paulos, the Proconsul) in same situation. Unknown to him, even though he is an intelligent man, he was however being controlled by an agent of darkness named Elymas (Acts 13:4-12). Despite the Proconsul’s intelligence, Elymas has been able to cover his heart with darkness such that the Light of God’s truth could not penetrate. Please be aware that a person’s intelligence is not a pre-requisite for seeing through the schemes of the enemy; if it were, the world will not be so wrapped in so many vices. Friend, there are so many Elymas’ in schools, as friends, families, neighbors, on pulpits and in pews, attitudes, teachings and habits that are determined to stop their captives from hearing and seeing the reality of God’s word. Elymas’ perverts the truth so that the eyes of their captives are not open to what God has in store for them. They preach the grace of God without His Truth, His love without His judgment, Heaven without the judgment seat of Christ and the likes. Thus, telling the people to remain as they are without confessing their sins and renouncing self. It is in such groups that fornication, adultery, divorce, homo-sexuality, stealing, party spirit and the likes roam free; such become pastors, deacons and ministers – as choir members, prayer warriors, Sunday school teachers and ushers. As a result of this perversion, God’s word is further perverted giving rise to mal-formed believers that have become the laughing stock of an unbelieving world. Thank God that Apostle Paul saw through the perversion gimmick of Elymas and rebuked him publicly and strongly; it was only at that point that the Proconsul could see and believe the word of Truth. Every Elymas that is stopping you from seeing, hearing and understanding the reality of God’s word is blinded and silenced in Jesus Christ name, so that the eyes of your heart be “enlightened so you may know what the glorious riches of His inheritance among the saints, and what is the immeasurable greatness of His power to us who believe according to the working of His vast strength” (Ephesians 1:18-19). May this information help you to grow into the full stature of Christ in Jesus name. God bless you.


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