What Is God Saying?

       So many are trapped in jobs, relationships and situations they know the ship had sailed, but for the feelings they feel that they owe the person(s) they are with. The aggressors understand this and exploit the situation extensively. The victims are trapped and some have erroneously come to the conclusion that it is their lot to be where they are despite the fact that they draw no satisfaction or benefits from the situation. I remembered sometime ago, a dear sister approached me about a similar situation at her place of work. She felt she owed her boss; despite the injustice and frustrations she remained. This situation was slowly eating away at her physical and spiritual well-being on a daily basis. After she finished, the question that readily came to my mind for her was: ‘What is the Lord saying about the situation you are in?’ She was at a loss as she felt the Lord is aware and should understand whatever decision she chooses to take. As great as this thought may sound, it is very wrong and dangerous to walk in assumptions when it comes to the mind of God concerning a matter. The cost of such misadventure is always high, ask the children of Israel when they go to war with the assumption that God is with them or Mary and Joseph that went on a day’s journey assuming that Jesus was in their party. Friend, when faced with the storms of life, once Jesus Christ is in your boat be rest assured that it will not sink but will surely arrive at your desired harbor. 
       Jacob had a similar experience. He had worked with his father-in-law: “For 20 years I have worked in your household – 14years for your two daughters and six years for your flocks – and you have changed my wages 10 times” (Genesis 31: 41). For 20 years, Laban, Jacob’s father-in-law cheated and deceived him; used him in any capacity that he saw fit. However, the Lord saw the injustice and prospered Jacob. Jacob, on his own, did not decide to leave. I am sure the thought must have crossed his mind severally especially as he was cheated continually concerning his wages. I can bet you that the chief reason for his remaining was the fear he had for the lives and welfare of his wives and children. However, when the fullness of time came, he left! Please note that everything about us has been written before we were a day old. It then means, to accurately access this information for a successful journey on earth devoid of frustrations, we need to connect with our Creator on a personal basis (Psalm 139:16). Thus, it is not the aggressor we look to for relief but to our Lord and Possessor – Jesus Christ! The enemy deludes people by deceiving them that he has the power to lock them up in a terrible situation and throw away the key. That is a terrible lie! When the time for Jacob came to leave the land, God Himself came to him and said: “I am the God of Bethel, where you poured oil on the stone marker and made a solemn vow to Me. Get up, leave this land and return to your native land (Genesis 31:13). Knowing the wickedness in the hearts of people, God equally told Laban, when he rose to pursue Jacob with an evil intent in his heart: “On the third day Laban was told that Jacob had fled…But God came to Laban the Aramean in a dream at night. ‘Watch yourself!’ God warned him. ‘Don’t say anything to Jacob, either good or bad’” (Genesis 31:22-24). By so doing God deflated the sails of Laban and made him toothless and powerless against Jacob. 
      Friend, you may be justly frustrated about the situation you are in right now, don’t just pick up and leave, please wait and seek God’s face as to what to do. God is aware of the situation you are in and a timeline had been set for you. If Jacob had left sooner or later than the time set for him, all his sufferings would have been in vain and he would have probably lost all that he had worked for. Friend, God is not dead, He is alive and still speaks. Listen attentively to His instructions and carry them out completely; then watch Him deal decisively with every Laban that had cheated, deceived, shortchanged or maltreated you as He renders them toothless and powerless in Jesus Christ name. And you will walk out of it with your head held high to the glory of God and the defeat of darkness. God bless you.


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