Are You Willing To Change?

The time has come to stop the rhetoric and begin taking action. Starting first with you and I! Men throughout the ages have always sought change but in most cases are not willing to make the necessary adjustments that will facilitate the change. Look at the society; we whine, gripe, complain and grumble about the government, oppression, economy, in fact the list is endless. The truth of the matter is we are as guilty as they are in our private lives. The very things we accuse the government and people in authority of doing are the very things we do in private. No wonder we pray and fast and we see little or no results. Something is grossly wrong! On personal grounds, so many fast pray for a change in their circumstances but their inward man remains unperturbed to what is happening on the outside. 

Isaiah 58:1, God said it is time to shout out loudly and not hold back. This simply means the issue at hand is not a secret affair nor is it to be hidden. Everyday we seek God, we seem eager to know Him more but from a heart that is set in its own ways. Unfortunately, the Lord says He will not answer such until they do away with the vicious striking of the fists, pointing of fingers at others, getting rid of the yoke from those around us, malicious talks and the likes. God cannot be manipulated to do our bidding because we prayed some pious and pity me prayers. He is searching for one whose heart will turn totally to Him, who will seek to walk in His ways and be ready to learn from Him. Only a man that is willing to learn from him would be taught by Him. No wonder David declared in Psalm 119:31-32: "I cling to your decrees; Lord, do not put me to shame. I pursue the way of Your commands, for You broaden my understanding." Do you want a change in your society and your personal circumstances? Are you willing to change from your normal way of life and follow the Kingdom pattern of living? Are you ready for God to guide you always and not your own thoughts or understanding? When we agree with Him and totally succumb to Him, in Isaiah 58:12, He says then we will become re-builder of broken walls, restorer of foundations and restorer of streets where people live. However, all these depends on you. The Lord will not force you to do this, but you must be willing to come to Him to be used of Him. Then He promises us that we will have rest and the best of the land.


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