Let No Man Look Down On You Because You Are Young!

As a child of God, have you been in a situation where you finished speaking and you were attacked verbally not for what you said, but where you learned it from and the boldness by which you delivered it? The attack may come as a jest but an attack nonetheless. Jesus Christ faced a similar situation in Luke 20:1-8, when He was questioned by what authority He did the things He did. The men that challenged Him were not ordinary lay men, but were the Chief Priests, Elders and Teachers of the Law. These were men that were supposedly authorities in God's word. One would have thought that since it is the word that was being preached they would flow along.  By questioning Him, they acknowledged that they themselves were in error! It proved that they were unfit to be ministers and priests. 

When men begin to question us by what authority we do what we do in Christ Jesus they are simply acknowledging that we have been sent by God and it stands as condemnation to them and all they stand for. Unfortunately such men, when they cannot understand the things that stand against their corrupt and unjust practices they rebel against it and try to put it down. Thank God for the wisdom of God. The Bible tells us in 1Timothy 4:12-16, that we should not let anyone look down on us because we are young either physically or spiritually. All that we are to say when confronted in such situations according to Luke 21:14-15 is exactly what the Lord puts in our mouths which will further expose their corrupt heart and foolery. The Lord therefore would want us to be diligent in the things of God by giving ourselves entirely to them so that everyone will see our progress in Him. As we continue in this, we will save both ourselves and our hearers.


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