Hearing God

Have you ever seen a human being born of a woman that has all his auditory senses functioning properly yet claims he cannot hear the voice of his father? When his father speaks, he cannot for the life of him, differentiate his voice from that of a stranger? This will only be possible if he never knew nor met his father. But the day he gets to know him and acknowledges him as his father, recognition follows thereafter: the power to recognize and differentiate his father’s voice from all others. So it is with us with our Heavenly Father; it is a misnomer when God’s children that claim to know Him cannot hear nor differentiate His voice from all others! Hearing God unfortunately is thought to be a feat only ‘spiritual’ men can attain. So many people have been taught that God used to speak in the Biblical days but does not in our times. Thus, they argue that God has put wisdom and abilities inside of man that he does not need an outside voice to tell him what to do. Some have being so deceived that they believe if they have right thoughts in them then it is the voice of God. How do you measure what a thought is? Have you not read that what is highly esteemed amongst men is detestable with God? Such an idea is not only fleshly, unspiritual but demonic. So many people have been led astray by these ‘good’ and ‘right’ thoughts. All these parameters created by unregenerate men are failing daily and making men look irrational in their thinking and behavior.

Friend, it is the desire of God to not just be our Father but to be our Friend also. The Bible tells us in Revelations 3:20 that God calls out to every one of us and anyone that hears His VOICE and opens the door He will come in and have dinner with him and the man with Him. You cannot have dinner and not converse with your guest or host. It thus follows that God desires to speak with us and vice versa, on a continuous basis: not once in a year, in a month or in a life time, but on a daily basis. Hearing God is not a feat but the mandate of God given to men to differentiate them from animals. When God created man, he breathed into him, thus giving man the power to acknowledge and recognize Him. No other creature did He breathe into. This acknowledging means the ability to yield or hear God’s word or voice in order to recognize Him. No matter how intelligent and vast a man’s knowledge is except God breathes into him, he cannot acknowledge nor recognize God, he remains dust! Job 33:4 says ‘The Spirit of God has made me, and the breathe of the Almighty gives me life’. This life is the ability to acknowledge Him as God in order to recognize Him as Father. Only a man that has this life can truly call Him Abba, Father! A man without the breath of God is mere dust, blind, deaf, useless and ruled by his instincts like an animal. Even the Disciples had to be breathed upon before they were ready to lay their lives down for Him. After this, they not only acknowledged Him as Lord, they recognized Him as the ONLY Lord! Without His breath, they were mere dust, not different from the unbelievers. No wonder the Lord had to return to breathe on them. The reason so many claim they cannot hear is because they want Him to come physically or agree with their selfish and evil thoughts. The Bible tells us in Proverbs 8:1-3, Wisdom calls out to us on a daily, continual basis. Friend, you are able to hear and understand Him if you sit at His word to read and meditate day and night. Expansion comes from a thing that is already in existence. You do not read nor meditate upon His word, from what would He speak to you? As you sit at His word daily, He not only breathes on you, He awakens and trains your ears daily to hear and listen to His Voice. Then you will be able to differentiate His voice from all others. Friend, humbly bow your head and ask Him to breathe on you and train your ears to hear Him!


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