Our Dependable Ally

We have seen God move in our lives in ways we could only conclude that if not for Him there was no way it would have happened for us as it did! Like King Asa in 2Chronicles 14, when faced with a formidable enemy, we cried to the Lord and He rescued us from things that were too strong for us. One thing that is remarkable about the Lord is: when we obey Him, we see His mighty hand at work in our lives. After King Asa’s great victory against an army that greatly outnumbered his in size and weaponry, the Lord reminded him through His prophet in chapter 15: 2 “If you seek Him, He will be found by you, but if you abandon Him, He will abandon you.” This was a wake-up call for King Asa and for us that no matter the victory the Lord God hands over to us we must not become complacent in our service to Him as this will eventually lead us away from Him. As long as you keep seeking Him, you will always find Him. Sadly, if you abandon Him, He will abandon you too! You cannot afford to abandon Him when it is not convenient and pick Him up again when it is convenient. Unlike Asa in chaper 16, we cannot make alliances with the world in order to overcome whatever we are facing and expect to be victorious. Once we do this, we become enemies of God and interrupt the move of God in our lives! The Bible recorded that Asa was faithful to the Lord and for thirty four years he had peace in his land. He, however, interrupted this peace when he made alliances with the world by joining forces with it to fight the enemy that came against him. He forgot that when the enemy came at first, he needed no alliance with any army; God fought on his behalf. Friend, as we march on into each day, we must recognize and acknowledge that our existence and sustenance is God. His desire is for us to be totally dependent on Him and not in any man or man-made systems; then we can live the lives of victory written for us before we were a day old. Man and his systems will fail us because they cannot stand the true test of time, but he that trusts in the Lord will not and cannot fail! He says in Isaiah 31:5 “Like hovering birds, so the Lord of Hosts will protect Jerusalem – by protecting it, He will rescue it, by sparing it, He will deliver it.” As long as the Lord God Almighty is over us, no foe can touch nor harm us! Remember, no matter how comfortable we get we must not look away from the Lord as King Asa did but continually rely on our Dependable Ally – Jesus Christ Himself. God bless you.


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