Be Assured! 1

I had a wonderful chat with a dear friend the other day and I would love to share with you some things that came up in the chat that energized both of us to seek the Lord more. So many times as children of God, the tendency to live in past glories is so alluring that it stops us from seeing the new things God is doing presently in and through us. We believe certain things should work out in a particular order and when it doesn’t, we kick hard at everything and wonder why. For instance a woman that is looking for the blessing of the womb for quite awhile when you tell her the state she is in is actually in the plan of God for her; she gets quite upset wondering why her pain should be God’s plan for her. As children of God that have opened our lives to the Master, no matter what we face, all works towards a perfect goal in the Master to glorify Himself and benefit us. You may disagree with this especially if you are going through some harrowing experiences right now. But God’s word encourages us in Hebrews 10:35 not to lose our confidence as it has a great reward. This suggests that we will come across certain situations that may want us to throw away our confidence. Now, the point being made here is that several times, the Lord comes to us declaring this is the appointed time for change to come in our lives but several will quote back at the Master as Martha did: “the vision is for an appointed time…if it delays wait for it.” The Master has come in the appointed time but we are still walking in the delays. Hey, the Master is here and the time for the fulfillment of what you have been waiting for is NOW! In John 4, the woman by the well submitted honestly and obediently to the Master even when she could not grasp the full context of what the Master was saying. In verse 14, the Lord asked her to call her husband, she was immediately humbled. She didn’t make excuses for her past or present but was concerned about her future starting from that moment. She wanted to know and do the right thing. Friend, let’s forget about the hurts of the past and take our eyes from the confusion of the present and focus solely on Jesus Christ. We cannot allow the enemy to turn our lives into a ping pong ball to be batted round a table. This is the time to arise just like Mary did by shutting ourselves in with the Lord to receive instructions. Be rest assured of one thing that the Holy Spirit will come upon you and the power of the Most High will overshadow you and that which will be birthed of you will be of the Lord. God bless you as you walk in this assurance in Jesus Christ name.


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