Young Persons: Be Strong!

Imagine as a new born child, someone comes and declares that you will continually face persecutions! I can imagine the horror that would be on the face of your parents! Nobody prays such for a new born child, rather we dream of a world where everything will be alright and the child can grow and live the potentials he has been endowed with. Good thoughts! But scripturally, the reverse is the case. The Bible tells us that as long as we are in this world and want to live godly lives, we would face persecutions. These persecutions will arise from diverse places and in diverse forms. Thus, it will be very na├»ve of us to think otherwise. The fact that you are young either physically or in the faith makes you a very worthy prey for the enemy. The enemy on a daily basis seeks young, strong and vibrant children of God to turn so he could use them for the business of his kingdom! However, the Lord admonishes us not to lose heart but be courageous because He has overcome the world by conquering all its abilities to hurt us. But we need to acknowledge this finished work of the Lord and walk in it. No matter what your situation is right now, know this: all you need to demonstrate the strength and character of Christ has been deposited in you. In 1John 2:14b (NCV) the Lord tells the young people that they are strong and God’s Word remains in them and they have defeated the evil one. Friend, the power to live a victorious life in this world over the works of darkness had been released when the Lord went to the Cross and defeated the works of darkness. The question that readily comes to mind is: why do I face so many challenges despite been a child of God? What you are going through is not strange; God is allowing it as a form of discipline and training (Hebrews 12:7-11). 1John 2:14b talks about strength and the Word of God and these you have as a young person in Christ Jesus! The question Heaven is asking you now is: the strength the Lord imputed to you, where have you spent it and where are you spending it? Samson decided to take a rest and his hair was shaved, as a result he lost his strength. Where do you lay your head to rest when tired? The Delilahs have been positioned in the world to shave the heads of young strong people. Delilah could be your job, car, an ungodly relationship, pornography, lust for worldly desires and pleasures. All these shave and are shaving the heads of strong young people on a daily basis. The second question is: how much of the Word of God do you have? Please understand the question, not how much you know and can quote off hand. The devil is not moved by the amount of Scriptures you can quote after all he knows and can quote them too! Rather, he is afraid of the person that not only knows the Word but equally keeps (obeys) what he has read. What kept Joseph, Esther, Daniel, Timothy and numerous others from the clutches of the devil was the Word of God they had kept. They neither watered it down nor disregarded it. So many have watered and or disregarded His Word to their own peril. This is not the time to be careless, but you must make up your mind to be diligent to keep His Word and walk in the uncommon strength of God in you. You are strong and have defeated the enemy. It is done deal: arise, claim it and walk in it! God bless you.


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