As The Year ends…2

The fact that Christ is coming back again is not in dispute but how prepared are we for His return is the crux of the matter. Jesus Christ Himself declared in Matthew 24:36-44, that in as much as no one knows the time of His return, the world will be largely unprepared as it was during the days of Noah. Unfortunately, a large part of the Body of Christ is preoccupied with the things and happenings of the world and less attention is paid towards our eternal dwellings. No wonder so many have booked dates to the end of the next coming year. A year they don’t know if they will see. The sad part of this is they do not acknowledge that these dates will only hold if the Lord tarries in His return. We have been warned to live our days as if they are the last and to bear in mind in all we do His imminent return. Jesus is not going to delay His return because we have some appointment we must keep. Friend, how prepared are you for His return? All we are preoccupied with is how we will consolidate on the gains of this year and overturn the failures in order to do better next year. What about His return? What if He returns before the wonderful prophesies that are going forth right now comes to pass? Friend, note this, BLESSING YOU IS NOT A PROBLEM WITH GOD, He’s rather interested in you reigning with Him at the end! We have no excuse and must not be caught napping, we must actually prepare on a daily basis for His return. It is not a time to procrastinate what you have to do or become laid back in your responsibilities towards the Kingdom. In Matthew 25:1-13, a story was set forth that depicts exactly the present state of the Church. Just like the virgins in the story, the Church is presently sleeping but a call has gone forth that the Groom is here, we should come and meet Him. Just like the virgins you may have responded to the Lord purposefully by coming out of all that limited you in knowing Him carrying your lamp. But how much of God’s truth do you have in your flask. It is not enough to rely solely on the teachings and preaching of your Pastors but you must return and search the scriptures for yourself. So many errors concerning the Kingdom are being taught daily from pulpits all over the world, only those who have the truth in extra flask are able to discern this. Beloved, this Truth cannot be shared, you either have it or you don’t. However you can buy it! The Bible tells us to buy the truth and not sell it (Proverbs 23:23). No wonder the sensible virgins told the foolish ones to go buy some as what they have cannot be shared. Friend, we must not wait until the trumpet blows before we go searching to buy the truth. This is the time to stand up (purposely, audaciously and courageously) and search out the truth of God on a daily basis. Then you will be able to weed out every seed that is not of God flying around. This is our preparation! God’s word is not in high sounding philosophies, traditions and fears of men but in demonstrations of power to the glory of the Most High God! God bless you!


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