There is urgency in the air as we look at the workings in the political and economic sphere of the world. For the discerning, there is a movement taking place which can be likened to the birth-pangs the Bible spoke of in Matthew 24. A similar event took place in Genesis chapters 6 through 8. The Bible tells us that God raised Enoch to preach to the people then of the intention of God: “Now Enoch the seventh from Adam prophesied about these men also saying, ‘Behold the Lord comes with ten thousand of His saints to execute judgement on all, to convict all who are ungodly among them of all their ungodly deeds which they have committed in an ungodly way and of all the harsh things which ungodly sinners have spoken against Him’” Jude vs. 14-15. As Enoch moved around during his time prophesying and preaching about the coming judgement, he must have been seen as strange, mad and an undiscerning preacher. Some must have thought: Judgement?! Where? How? They were just six generations away from Adam, not billions of people as we have today. ‘How can God destroy a world He just created?’ ‘He cannot be that uncaring.’ These and many more may have run through the minds of the inhabitants at that time. Yet God was already speaking about the coming judgement. Enoch could have preached many other messages to suit the itching ears of his listeners, but his calling was different. This we can learn from the meaning of his name. Some of the several meanings of the name Enoch are ‘dedicated’ and ‘experienced’. This goes to show that he was called and dedicated to God from birth to know Him on an experiential level. Though he did not enter this call until he was 65yrs, but  after giving birth to Methuselah, it was recorded that he began to walk with God (Genesis 5:21-22). And out of that deep place of walk with God, his strange prophetic ministry began.
            Through his walk he had access to the heart of God, just like two friends would know each other’s secrets. He saw and pronounced things his generation would have found hard to believe or understand.  According to our opening scripture the first word he spoke was “Behold”, which simply meant, open your eyes and see! Enoch clearly saw that something had moved in the Throne Room of God, and he declared ‘the Lord comes’. It’s obvious that even at that time men’s spiritual sight and heart were dull. Beloved can you see what the Lord is saying even at this times? Are your spiritual eyes and heart open? Little did they know that in just two generations later God would pour out the first installment of His wrath on a wicked and unrepentant world (2Peter 3:1-13). The sad part of the whole story is that out of all those he prophesied to, even those who heard, only one family kept themselves pure from the demonic DNA mix that was taking place (Genesis 6:4), and it was the only family that made it. You may wonder why a loving God was so angry as to wipe out all of mankind. God said ‘the imaginations of man’s heart is evil from his youth’ (Genesis 8:21).
            Friends we are in dire times already when God’s second and final installment of wrath is about to be poured out. You may ask why God is angry now. 2 Timothy 3:2 clearly shows that the same spiritual mix of DNA is already taking place. Men are lovers of themselves, yet holding to a ‘form of Godliness’, lovers of money yet holding to a form of godliness, boasters, proud yet professing to be godly. The lines between the godly and the ungodly have become so blurred in our times. There are no middle grounds in the spirit; you are either for God or against Him! Once again through judgement God is going to make a distinction (Revelation 22:11-12). Beloved our call in these last days is clear, like Enoch we have been called to come out of every ‘form of godliness’ into an experiential walk with God. It is out of the womb of this deep walk that we will both see and hear to declare with boldness the coming of the Lord to a lost and dying world, even if we look strange doing it. Remember there is a preparation taking place in the Throne room. Time is short, don’t waste it! God bless you.


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