Enduring Love

              Careful study of the Bible reveals that since creation, God has and is taking people through several eras or time periods. Each era is unique as we see the workings of God in different dimensions from one era to another. The first era experienced by people was that of conscience, a time when God spoke to people majorly and universally through His creation as evidenced in the books of Genesis, Job and also Romans 1:20. The second era was the era of the law as given by God to Moses on Mount Sinai (Exodus 19 & 20). Then the birth, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ brought in the era of grace, and its continual impact on humanity as she prepares the soon return of Christ and His kingdom. Finally the one which is to come is the era of the kingdom when the kingdoms of the earth will become the Kingdom of Christ when He will reign forever and ever. Believe it or not, the signs of the times are already visible all around us, in the media, the society, our homes and sadly even in our churches (2 Timothy 3:2). Jesus warned in Mathew 24 about this time that there would be an unprecedented increase of deception, hypocrisy, hatred, betrayal and the likes. In verse 12 of Matthew 24, He says that there will be an unprecedented increase in lawlessness and iniquity that will cause the love many have for Him to grow cold. Then He says in vs. 13 that those who endure till the end shall be saved.

          Friend, the enemy has released fiery darts that are being shot into the hearts of people in order to steal the love of God from their hearts; through various tests, trials and temptations, the love for God in many hearts will then eventually grow cold. Remember, the devil is subtle and crafty and he perfects his work when people are spiritually sleeping (Mat 13:25). In Jude 3, we are told that we cannot afford to be laid back and indifferent at this time. This is the time we must earnestly fight for the faith and in verses 20 and 21, he tells us how to fight which is by ‘building up yourselves...praying in the Holy spirit...Keep yourselves in the love of God, looking for the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ unto eternal life’. We all have a part to play. It is only as we focus on building up ourselves through prayer, meditation on the word, guarding our hearts, living a holy life and totally relying on His grace and mercy that we will receive the strength to love Him more; and that love will endure till the end in Jesus Christ name. God bless you.


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