What if...?

Almost all Christians and non-Christians alike want God’s blessings upon their lives as quickly as possible. No one wants to wait five or fifty years for the blessing of a car, a house or a good job, we all want these blessings as soon as possible. Most times like Jacob in the Scriptures, we want them at any cost. But when it comes to the biggest of all blessings anyone can ever experience, which is the return of the Lord, we shy away from the very thought of it. In fact some would even hope and pray He does not return soon so that they may have enough time to enjoy all the ‘lesser’ blessings of this world. These ‘lesser’ blessings must not distract us in any way from the blessing, the Bible tells us that “It was to you first that God sent His Servant and Son Jesus, when He raised Him [provided and gave Him for us], to bless you in turning every one of you from your wickedness and evil ways” (Acts 3:26, AMP). Why did God do this? So we can reign with Him, not only on earth but equally in Heaven.  
However, when a person is not expectant and desirous of His coming it goes to show how earthy his/her mind has become and how very unprepared they are for His return. Beloved, He is the God of time and He waits for no one. The Scripture in Revelation 22:12 should be good news to all especially when we realize the magnitude of the reward He is bringing for our words and deeds upon the face of the earth. He then promised that in the new life He is bringing after this reward, there will be no more death, pain, economic crunch, joblessness, sickness, sadness, violence, temptation or a hint of sin. What a glorious and awesome thought! His reward for a life well lived for and in Him are really indescribable and unquantifiable in human terms, and so are His punishments for those that turn away from His grace to live a godly life.
Beloved when He comes to take us home we will experience creativity, wisdom, love, joy, peace, power and beauty on display in an unprecedented intensity and variety. It is written in the Word of God, that what eyes have not seen, nor ears heard, nor has it entered into the hearts of people, what God has prepared for those that love Him. If all these is true, why then are our minds and affections so fixed on the things that are here on the earth, perishable with no everlasting value? The heart of a young man was examined by the Holy Spirit in 2 Tim 4:8-10 as Paul was preparing to round up his ministry. It was recorded about the young man that he loved the present world; if he had died in that state without washing his soul from that stain by the precious blood of Jesus Christ, heaven definitely was not sure for him. This is the sad truth. It is not about where you worship, who your pastor/mentor/discipler is, when you gave your life, what you do or give or have given for the propagation of the gospel but what your relationship with God is when He comes!
            Friend, as time is gradually winding to an end, the Lord is asking us to again examine the state of our love and passion for Him. Is it vibrant or lukewarm: is it the kind that gravitates upward or the one that pulls downwards according to 2Timothy 4: 8 & 10? He is coming; what if He comes now? Beloved heaven is willing to pour out grace and mercy to all who will answer sincerely and cry out to Him for help (Heb 10:19-22)! God bless you.


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