Power From On High

     A remarkable thing happened in the ministry of Christ that would have made many a pastor to question their abilities. In Acts 1:4-8, Christ had risen from the dead and for forty days, He stayed with the disciples teaching and encouraging them concerning what was to come. Just when He will be taken up into Heaven, He told His disciples not to leave Jerusalem until they are baptised by the Holy Spirit which will grant them power for the tasks ahead. Unfortunately, the disciples had miscontrued the reason for His coming and staying in the first instance. Their mindset was not intune with the Kingdom of God as they thought that the reason for His coming was political and to cause a revolution against the Roman oppressors at the time. They asked: "Lord, at this time are You restoring the kingdom to Israel?" (Acts 1:6). What a shocking statement. This would have made quite a few pastors to feel frustrated as if they had wasted the past three and a half years of ministry. This statement revealed that even at that point they still saw our Lord as an earthly king, a military conqueror that would save them from the oppressive Roman government and restore Israel to her lost glory. Likewise, so many today believe that the only reason Jesus Christ came and died is for them to leave a 'care' free life. However, if they had been listening, they would have realised that God had a better plan. The restoration of both the physical and spiritual Israel was not something that could be done with the human might and power. There is a supernatural power that must come on them for the tasks ahead: a power that will make them push beyond all physical, spiritual and mental barriers; a power that would make them settle for only the supernatural and the best! First, the Kingdom of God must be restored in the hearts of men as it was before the fall in Genesis 3. If this does not happen, it will be near impossible to push back the forces of darkness that hinder the growth of man.
    Friend, as we embark on the journey into the year 2014, it will be expedient to settle it in our minds that we need power from on high to walk successfully through it if the Lord tarries. The numerous plans and yearly new year resolutions can only go so far. The Bible clearly states in Proverbs 16:9 - "a man's heart plans his way, but the Lord determines his steps". Thus, no matter the planning, we need the power of the Holy Spirit to actualize the plans. The desire of God for the disciples as it is for us as well is to be His witnesses all over the world. This can only be attained by and through His power. No matter the plans and targets we may have set for ourselves, we need His power to actualize them, if they are according to His will. May the power of the Almighty God overshadow you to make you an awesome witness of the power and glory of the Lord Jesus Christ in 2014 until that Day. God bless you.


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