Sacrifice: A Culture of the Kingdom

     In today's world the word sacrifice seems to have almost disappeared from our vocabulary and has almost become extinct in our way of life; this is more so amongst the children of the Kingdom. Today, where words like self-actualisation, self-realisation and self-optimization have all been coined into the way we define the quality and pattern of our service, sacrifice has been swept under the carpet. But how else can we best serve our God? At our convenience? That will simply not do. From the beginning of time God has shown that a lifestyle of sacrifice is an invaluable key to activating  His power in our lives as we saw in the lives of Abraham, David, Solomon, Cornelius the Centurion and many more: All affirm that the heart of God is moved whenever man goes out of his comfort zone to please Him.The lifestyle of sacrifice is the substance of our service as children of the Kingdom. Not a service done in comfort and convenience but a life of sacrifice offered out of love for our heavenly Father (2 Corinthians 5:14). In 1 Chronicles 29, we saw the attitude of sacrifice portrayed by David when he commissioned the work of building the temple of God. David gave on behalf of the people and himself as he offered all his personal treasures for the work of the temple. This was the foundation of David's legacy. It was upon this very foundation that Solomon acted in 2 Chronicles 1 that made God Himself show forth in Solomon's life to such an extent that there is none compared to his wisdom and wealth. 
      Our salvation today is a gift borne out of God's sacrifice. John 3:16 shows us that God gave His Son Jesus willingly  for our sake. It cost God the life of His only Son, it cost Christ His glory for our redemption. We have not truly began to walk in the pattern and principles of our faith if it cost us nothing. We cannot design the template by which we would serve Him, it must cost us our time, our strength our provision and if possible, our very lives (Matthew 16:24-25).The Widow's offering in Luke 21: 1-4 is a clear example of the kind of sacrifice we must continually offer. It is not in the quantity of our giving but the heart condition of the giver. The Bible makes us to understand that the widow gave in her lack: she thought first of the Master and her salvation, she considered not herself and her sustenance. 
       Finally we must give with the right frame of mind, Matthew 5:23 and Psalm 51:16-17 clearly teaches that the integrity of our sacrifice lies in the sincerity of our hearts. A heart that is humbled and penitent, a heart that is devoid of anger, bitterness, protest or cynicism, a heart that is right with God. Beloved as this year comes to a close, this is a call to all, to begin to carefully weigh the quality of service we should offer for the year ahead if He tarries, it must be non hypocritical, thoughtful, thorough, borne out of love, obedience and respect for who God is and for what He has done for us through His Son Jesus Christ. Strength is released for all who decisively hearken to this call. God Bless you.


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