...And Abram Went Down Into Egypt...

Are you feeling hard pressed on every side, what with the state of the economy, things generally not moving well in the way and manner you felt it should? This was not exactly what you envisaged and you have made up your mind to acquire and achieve some of your dreams no matter what? Besides, you may rationalize; you too must give thanks about the goodness of the Lord by the end of the year no matter what it takes. Maybe you have concluded as it is said in the world system that ‘heaven helps those who help themselves’. The way you feel and your thoughts are not new or strange, the father of faith Abraham felt same too. In Genesis 12, the Lord released a profound blessing upon Abram that cuts through all generations if the Lord tarries. In fact as the father of faith, all his seed will carry this blessing for all time. Unfortunately, by the time we got to verse 10, one would have expected with such great promises, sin and the devil will steer clear of such a man; alas, it was not to be as the land promised to him was ravaged by famine. The Bible says the famine was very severe and he reasoned that he should go and live in Egypt for awhile without seeking the opinion of God that sent him out of his father’s land in the first place. Abram understood that to work and live successfully in Egypt he would need to operate in their principles and language of communication. This goes to show that Abram knew that something was wrong with the place he was going but felt this was the last resort open to him so that he and his wife will not starve to death. So many believe they have ran out of options and the only way to forge ahead is to return to Egypt without first asking the owner of their lives. They forgot that Scripture in Psalm 127:1-2a that says “Unless the Lord builds a house, its builders labor over it in vain; unless the Lord watches over a city, the watchman stays alert in vain. In vain you get up early and stay up late eating food earned by hard work…” The way of life in this strange land is lie, falsehood, deceit and hypocrisy. When a man steps out of the Truth, he steps into a life of lies that carries dire consequences. You may reason that one cannot make it in this life without a little compromise. This only goes to show that you are actually living in Egypt or about to enter into Egypt. When Abram spoke the language that is understood in Egypt by saying his wife is his sister, Pharaoh gave him gifts of sheep, oxen, donkeys, men and women servants and camels. What a treasure trove he got in Egypt! However you do not go into such a place and not leave with a thorn. In Abram’s case, he left with Hagar and her descendants have been a thorn to the children of Sarah to this day. It was by the mercies of God that he did not lose his wife: the woman through whom the Promised Seed will come. It would have been a sad and terrible situation if she had been defiled. Friend, when you decide to go down to Egypt, you may get lots of treasures but you will not only compromise your future you will leave with a thorn! Praise God, the Lord is waiting with open arms for all His children who went down to Egypt to return. If you are one, will you return now, Jesus Christ is waiting for you! God bless you as you take the decision to return.


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