Balance Your Life!

In the world system, a man is said to be prosperous when he has money (lots of it) and can afford whatever money can buy. Biblically however, prosperity is not only seen as increase but strength as well. 3John2 (AMP) says “Beloved, I pray that you may prosper in every way and [that your body] may keep well, even as [I know] your soul keeps well and prospers.” This prosperity must reflect in all areas of our lives: spiritual, physical, emotional and material. It is an admonition to live a balanced life. Prosperity of the soul refers to increase of the soul, which must in turn reflect in all areas of our lives. If we would allow this reflection we will indeed live a fulfilled life. How then does the soul prosper, you may ask? Our souls or minds prosper if we allow the engrafted word of God in, and equally allow it to remain, then a renewal, strengthening and prosperity begins to take place. Once this begins to happen in us, we must allow it to affect other areas of our lives. As your soul prospers you can take your stand against the enemy on other fronts of your life. This increase emboldens a man to challenge any situation that does not augur well with the prosperity of his soul. Joseph was able to employ this strength effectively against Portiphar’s wife and his brothers. Because of the prosperity of his soul he could take a stand against adultery and unforgiveness. God does not expect us to use our spiritual development to dull or deaden the pain of the areas of our lives that are not working. We are supposed to use this growth to enhance and develop the areas that are not working. If we do not do this, our walk with God could be likened to a fix; like a narcotic! A lot come into Church to dull or deaden the frustrations and pain they are getting from life; they sing, dance and preach; get exhausted yet no change in their lives. This is not His will. It is time to arise and take your stand because God’s glory has risen upon you. It is your time to shine, no longer beaten and defeated. We have been called out of darkness of the world into the marvelous light of God to display His glory according to 1Peter 2:9. As the year winds to a close, drop everything that is not useful then use the gifting and abilities in you. You are not useless you only need to balance your life! God bless you.


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