Indeed, The Bones Shall Live Again!

“The hand of the Lord was on me, and He brought me out by His Spirit and set me down in the middle of the valley; it was full of bones.” Ezekiel 37:1. Waking up in the morning brings no joy to your heart because of the daunting issues that are staring at you in the face. You prayed expecting a miracle to lift this terrible cloud of debts, hopelessness and loss from you but it feels like the more you pray the tougher it becomes. In the gathering of God’s children you pretend it is well so that it would not look as if you are the faithless one; what with those powerful messages from the pulpit. Just like the verse above, you are smack in the middle of it all and you find yourself going round and round the issues. You love the Lord, that is not negotiable but here you are right in the middle of these situations you cannot fathom! The Bible says these bones were very many and very dry, meaning they had been in that state for a very long time with no hope in sight. But the Lord is asking you as He did Ezekiel “can these bones live again?” When we survey the situation, it is not possible for what we are facing or lost to be resuscitated or replaced. But like Ezekiel, we must submit to His will and declare only He knows. If you truly submit the situation to Him, He is commanding you to rise up from the dust, the seat of despondency, tears and grief and speak to the bones just as He commanded Ezekiel to. Enough of nursing the grief, shame, pain, loss and the likes, it is time to speak to these bones to rise again. The Lord declares to us that whatever He hears us say without wavering in faith He would do. Friend, your set time has come, rise up and prophesy to the dead dry weights to live again! As you do this in faith without wavering, the Lord will back up His word and they would live again. 

One remarkable thing about this account was that after Prophet Ezekiel prophesied, the bones did come together but there was no life. Maybe you have been trusting God for a child, a job, promotion or whatever it may be, just when you think you have it, it all comes crumbling down. It is not that the Lord had not answered after all He was the One that asked you to prophesy to the bones in the first place, but because Life was yet to come into the situation. Remember in Genesis 2:7, when God finished creating man from the dust, it was not until God breathed into man did he become a living being. Without this breath man is but dust, controlled by his instincts like an animal. Same with the situation at hand, without the breath of God, there is no change only a cycle of falling and rising. But the time to stand and stand strong has come. Friend it is time to prophesy and declare “Breath, come from the four winds and breathe into these slain so they may live!” Be Strong my friend and stand firm, declare Him (Jesus Christ) into the situation because He IS the LIFE giving Spirit. Do this and witness a remarkable victory in Jesus Christ Name. INDEED THE BONES SHALL LIVE AGAIN!


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