Keep Your Sight On Him

We are but a few days to the end of the year 2011 and when you look back to the beginning of the year, it takes so much from you to truly tell the Lord Jesus Christ thank you. The state you are in right now is so disheartening and you are almost giving up on God. You may have been told that it is near impossible for what you are expecting to come because you are not qualified. You may have even lost confidence that you could ever pull through not with what is on ground. Maybe you have taken your eyes from this year and focusing on next year and have started planning what strategies to employ since you failed to realize your aspirations this year. But I am here to tell you that the year is not over yet! If God had given His word He will bring it to pass and nothing will stop it except You! Psalm 87:1 reminds us that God is the Supreme Authority; all other authorities were instituted by Him not the other way round. So who is the ‘authority’ that is telling you that it is impossible for God’s word which He spoke to you this year to come to pass? All that God had declared concerning you have no option than to come to pass. Don’t take your eyes off Him. You might feel unqualified right now but look at that Psalm 87 again. Verse 3 says glorious things are said about YOU because you are THE city of God. The city He has chosen to dwell in. Peradventure you are still in doubt; God says in verse4 that Rahab, Babylon, Philistia, Tyre and Cush all know Him. These are Nations or peoples that have nothing good to offer because they are seen as evil and excluded from the grace and family of God. However, He has a loving relationship with them all and they are born in Zion. Wow! No wonder He told us earlier in verse 2 that He loves the gates of Zion than the dwellings of Jacob. God is saying, ‘I will meet with them and they will respond to Me the way a bride responds to the touch of her beloved husband’. Friend, do not let any man look down on you from their sanctimonious height, you are loved by God as well. If they claim to dwell in the dwellings of Jacob, you do not only dwell in Zion, you were even born there! Praise God! Forget what had been said or done to you in the past or is currently happening to you. The Lord says you should focus on Him and see Him come through for you. The Lord has risen, Friend, as your Deliverer and He will deliver you if you will only trust Him. The truth is you have no strength in you to fight what you are facing, but He is here – respond to Him. Forget about your inadequacies and let your soul, mind and heart respond to His tingling touch and voice. ALL He said to you this year will come to pass, not one will fail in Jesus Christ Name!


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