The New Order!

After Jesus was tempted of the devil for 40 days, the Bible says in Luke 4:14 that He returned to Galilee in the Power of the Holy Spirit and news about Him spread throughout the entire vicinity. The news about Him had spread throughout the vicinity before a single miracle was done. That is the Power of the Holy Spirit. Jesus’ primary purpose was not to heal the sick, raise the dead, cast out demons or perform other miraculous signs. All these were only signs that the Kingdom of God had come to earth. Jesus’ ultimate assignment was to make way for the coming Kingdom by introducing men to the Power of the Holy Spirit; transforming and regenerating Power of God! The Holy Spirit is the connecting link that links us back to the Father and His glorious Kingdom. He is the down payment of our inheritance for the redemption of the possession of this glorious inheritance. No wonder the Bible tells us in Acts 3:26 that Jesus was sent by God first to bless us by turning us away from our evil ways, thus, making us not only candidates but citizens of His Glorious Kingdom. It then follows as citizens of this Kingdom; we must live by the code and customs. One of the codes that is cardinal is that we have being delivered from the grip of fear. An instrument the devil uses to bind men in order to cause his own will to come to pass in their lives.
The Lord is reminding us to rise up and be who He died for us to become. We must no longer be subject to the beggarly and elementary spirits that holds the world bound. Matthew 11:12 tells us that from the days of John the Baptist until now the Kingdom of Heaven has been suffering violence and the violent have being seizing it by force. This simply means that ever since the days of John, an invasion has been under way. A military take-over is IN PROGRESS, A NEW ORDER, which no one is aware of except those that had been captured: body, soul, mind, heart, choice, future etc. Such captives are automatically enlisted members of this Heavenly Military Elite: dangerous men to the Kingdom of darkness. Friend, the Kingdom of Heaven is advancing forcefully and we who are citizens of this Kingdom are automatically enlisted in this Army. As part of this Army we must continue to storm the strongholds of the enemy: thus, taking the fight to the gates of the enemy to push it back. Enough of playing defense, it is time to attack and take back not only what is ours but to reclaim the earth. The Bible says the glory of God will cover the earth as water covers the seas. We must arise and push back the wave of the enemy until God’s glory covers the earth as water covers the seas. Friend, this is what it means to be citizens of this New Order of the Kingdom of God. As Kingdom Citizens, we do not roll over and play dead for the devil; we must arise and advance forcefully. Gone are the days when we sit down wringing our hands over problems, hardships, lack, failures etc. The Kingdom of God does not run from a fight, retreat or surrender. The Kingdom of God stands firm, advances and overcomes. Friend, arise and take your place in this Elite Army with the motto: No retreat, No defeat and No Surrender!!


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