This Is What You Are Called To Do

John 6:28-29 (AMP) “They then said, what are we to do, that we may (habitually) be working the works of God? (What are we to do to carry out what God requires?) Jesus replied, this is the work (service) that God asks of you that you believe in the one whom He has sent [that you cleave to, trust, rely on and have faith in His Messenger].” This is the first work or service that God has called us to do. If we as individuals do not personally (totally) have faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, then it will be difficult to handle the duties we are called to do. The question we are to ask ourselves is: are we in the service of God as recorded in verse 29? This is the primary work of every believer, when God finds us faithful in handling this duty, He can then entrust greater duties and responsibilities to us. God is calling us all into a work of rebuilding the Church of God of which you and I are members. Take a look around you, despite the advancement in technology, the air is thick with despondency and God expects us to dispel this air. So many only live to see the next weekend because of the appointments they have for that weekend. The stench of spiritual and physical suicidal tendencies reek the air despite the increase in knowledge, wealth and wealth generation; the sons of men are still helpless, hopeless, weary and worn out. Thus, so many turn to base and inhuman pleasures to satisfy this void in them. The very things that were abhorred several decades ago have become a norm. Why? Because man is searching for something, anything that will fill the void in his heart! Unfortunately, all he will get are despair, gloom and darkness. This is not new; it has been the strategy of the enemy to use this potent weapon to drag men off to utter despair, self-destruction and death. The Lord knowing this declared in Matthew 9:36-38 “When He saw the crowds; He felt compassion for them, because they were weary and worn out, like sheep without a shepherd. Then He said to His disciples, ‘The harvest is abundant, but the workers are few. Therefore, pray to the Lord of the harvest to send out workers into His harvest.’” This is the urgent cry in the Heart of the Father! You are one of the workers that the Lord is sending out into the ripened fields. Stop thinking it is meant for a particular set of people. If truly Jesus Christ is your Savior and personal Lord then this is your mandate. Peradventure you are still asking ‘How?’ In Haggai 1:8 God demands that you “Go up to the hill country and bring timber and rebuild (My) house, and I will take pleasure in it and I will be glorified, says the Lord (by accepting it as done for My glory and by displaying My glory in it).” Timber is not found on the hill or mountain rather it is found in the forests and woods but God is saying go up to the hill and bring timber to rebuild. God is demanding that you and I of a necessity must move up higher than the level in which we are now (Micah 4:1-2). As a hill/mountain is thousands of meters above the earth so God expects us to go into His presence where He will equip us with what we require for rebuilding His temple which is the Body of Christ. The timber here is the timber of righteousness and holiness. The Church had lost it therefore there is a need to quickly rebuild the ruined walls before His return! The Scriptures says without holiness no man can see the Lord and He is coming for a Church without spot, blemish or wrinkle.  There is an urgent call for us to tear down, uproot sin, every contrary structure of man’s culture and traditions, and rebuild in its place the Kingdom of Jesus Christ which is founded on Holiness, Righteousness and Justice. This is what we have been called to do. Friend, now that you know the work that He has called you to do, blessed are you when you do it!


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