A Brief Review of what He has DONE

         Every true believer that follows the Lord with their heart will often come to some point in their walk when certain circumstances are unpleasant and hard to bear despite their obedience to God; or certain requirements of the Master are hard and His standards almost impossible to attain. At several points in the lives of the Patriarchs, we read how they went through painful points of obedience when it was not convenient, forgiveness and kindness towards their enemies, and several other types of challenges to their faith that were not convenient to them, yet through the help of the Lord they made it to the end. Because they succeeded, so we can. Abraham was willing to offer his only son to please the Lord, Joseph refused to be bitter against his brothers that betrayed and sold him into slavery and David endured years of persecution from King Saul and other fellow Israelis. All these men realizing that it was the Lord using their situation to tutor them, refused to allow their hearts to become hardened towards God. We also must note that through our daily walk and conscious, consistent and deliberate obedience to the instructions of the Lord, He will through His Spirit continue to disciple us. 

From Scriptures and the happenings around us at this times, we know we are already in the times that are ‘perilous to our faith and our righteousness’, yet we must hold firm to Jesus’ encouragement to His disciples when they wondered who would make it to the end, He said to them as He is saying to us also: “with men this may be impossible, but with God all things are possible”. Friends, this simply means, it is possible to walk in faith, love, holiness and righteousness despite the prevailing ills in the society. This level we will attain with a good heart and attitude toward the Lord, as we learn to keep our eyes focused on the Author and Finisher of our faith. In order to keep our hearts from being hardened towards the Lord’s ways, dealings and instructions, we must constantly review in our minds the love, the sacrifice and the obedience demonstrated by the Lord Himself for our salvation. He modeled the attitude of humility when He laid aside His majesty and took on the form of a servant. He walked the path of painfully enduring hatred, betrayal, mockery and ultimately a criminal’s death on the cross while His detractors whom He had helped at one time or the other, shouting at Him “save yourself!” The KING of glory did this that we all may have an opportunity for eternal life.  Should there be then any hesitation in our hearts towards total obedience to His word?  This expression of divine love is what the unprofitable servant clearly forgot when he buried his talent and declared to his master “I knew thee that thou art a hard man, reaping where thou hast not sown and gathering where thou has not scattered” Matthew 25:24. If we must judge, was this a true reflection of our Master? Friends, the Lord has sown His life for us, released an abundance of His mercy, grace and kindness. In the light of all He has done, all He is asking from us is to live a life well pleasing to Him. Is this too much to ask? Friend, this same Jesus is coming back again just as the land owner returned in Matthew 25; what would your account be? No matter how tough our times are or how rough your situation may look, by simply calling to remembrance all He has done for, in and through you, I assure you passion for daily obedience will once more return into your heart. God bless you.


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