The Lone Voice

        Looking at the happenings around the world, we don’t need a Seer to tell us we are living in the times the Bible called difficult and hard to bear and deal with (2 Timothy 3:1). As a child of God in these times where the undiluted word of God is scarce, we have two particular options before us: to either flow with the status quo of complacent and compromising believers or to stand out. The truth is, as you may well know, it is difficult, hard and lonely to stand out in the face of compromising messages and doctrines. One will be labeled a non-conformist, extremist and all manner of names. They called our Master worse names, so don’t worry you are in good company! If your true desire is to inherit eternal life – a life of everlasting joy and peace - after this transient life, then, ‘standing out’ is non-negotiable! Some may argue that the crowd or majority of believers are right since they acknowledge the Lordship and Headship of Christ. Friend, that excuse is not enough reason to remain in the crowd of complacency and compromise, even demons know and acknowledge the Lordship of Christ; that does not mean they worship Him: “’Leave us alone! What do You have to do with us, Jesus – Nazarene? Have You come to destroy us? I know Who You are – the Holy One of God!’” (Luke 4:34). It takes courage and boldness to follow and speak the truth of God’s word completely; no wonder the Bible says cowards will have their share in the lake of fire (Revelation 21:7-8). Please note that there is no room for excuses or cowardice when it comes to following and speaking God’s word completely. 
       When John the Baptist was born, it was prophesied about him: “And child, you will be called a prophet of the Most High, for you will go before the Lord to prepare His ways, to give His people knowledge of salvation through the forgiveness of their sins” (Luke 1:76-77). This was not going to be a simple task since it meant he would be going against the established doctrines and authorities of his day. This, however, did not stop him, he stepped out of the crowd, and God’s word that will enable him fulfill his purpose came to him (Luke 3:1-2). He went on to declare it with boldness and courage. Several times one hears of the sons of the Kingdom declaring they have a call/word/message for their generation but nothing comes out of it. They go from one program to the other, pastors to pastors to prophets, one prayer routine to the other with no head way on how they should go about the call. Friend, you are wasting your time! If indeed there is a call/word/message in your heart, then get your marching orders from He that put it there in the first place. Going from place to place to get validation will muddle your assignment and message. After getting your validation from men, how do you think you would be able to speak the word truthfully that negates the stance of your patrons and matrons without fear of rebuke or offense? Going through Scriptures, when God is set to give instructions to His servants, He makes them step, stand or shut in away from the world so they can hear clearly and uninterruptedly. This principle has not changed! When we refuse to step away, stand out or shut in from the world, the message through us becomes muddled up and the word ineffective. To fulfill the purpose of God for our lives, we must not be afraid to be a lone voice in a world filled with damning voices. We need to step out of the complacent, compromising palaces and temples like John the Baptist (Luke 3:1-2), so that God’s word will come to us undiluted, then, we will give it in like manner to the world! So many remain in the edifices of compromise because they are afraid of being alone and different. Hello! The truth is we are indeed different from one another but called in unity to declare the truth of God’s word. Friend, it is time to be that lone voice of truth and godly reasoning in your family, home, office, school and environment. Sound the warning because the time is short and the Bridegroom (Jesus Christ) is at the door. May you be found at your duty post on that DAY in Jesus Christ name. God bless you.


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