Lock In Your Heels

         Sharing with a couple of ministers of the gospel made me understand the urgency in our praying for and encouraging those that have been put over us as leaders. One conviction that rang clear for us is that anyone, whether in position of authority or not in the Body that desires to stand for Christ at this time, must roll up his or her sleeves, dig their heels in deep into the Rock (which is Christ) in order not to be toppled from their firm stability. Another conviction that came to us as well is that as sons of the soon coming KING, this is our moment to usher in one of the greatest revivals of all time as we eagerly await the return of our Lord Jesus Christ. It is foolhardy to think we have ample time and opportunities in carrying out the duties assigned to us. This thought will close and dull our minds and make us work lackadaisically, which in itself is a sin before God. It is a terrible state of delusion which will result in callousness and carelessness as we are witnessing today. However, we are warned: “Now the end of all things is near; therefore, be clear headed and disciplined for prayer” (2Peter 4:7). Please understand the times: If there is urgency in the Kingdom of God, what do you think is the response of the kingdom of darkness? One terrible weapon in response to the urgency the enemy had deployed at this time against the sons of God is weariness of the soul! This he causes by shooting arrows of lack, fear, depression, discouragement, intimidation on all fronts! So many ministers of God are at the receiving end of this onslaught; the result is that for as many that are not too strong in their faith, their messages are changing or they are being silenced not to speak out against the push of hell. 
        Friend, if you are going through any form of intimidation that seeks to question and silence your faith and calling in God, I come to encourage you to lock your heels into the Rock that never fails and you will overcome. What you are going through in the office, at home, in school, in the market place, in Ministry is not strange. Jesus Christ told us that a time will come, “when anyone who kills you will think he is offering service to God” (John 16:2b). This means, the gravest of attacks will come from within the Body: “they will do these things (to you) because they haven’t known the Father or Me” (John 16:3 – emphasis mine). These attacks (betrayals, back stabbings, jealousy and the likes) from within the Body are indeed painful and could easily destroy a person’s life and Ministry. But you are encouraged to stand firm in spite of the fears within and the terrors without. Christ was betrayed and left alone, yet He overcame and fulfilled the purpose for which He came to earth. Because He did, friend, you too will SUCCEED! Therefore, don’t let your present circumstance sweep you away from your faith and calling in Christ Jesus but be clear headed and disciplined to pray. If you do this, you will know what the heart of the Father is, and the needed prayer to bring His will to bear on the situation you are faced with. Don’t be intimidated, the prince of the world and his agents persecuted our Lord Jesus Christ; they will do the same to you if you are standing in Him. Be encouraged, He will see you through, you will not die in this battle because the war already had been won on your behalf by Christ! Remain strong and be strengthened in Him in Jesus Christ name. God bless you.


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