Arouse The Lion!

Sometimes we reminiscence about vibrant young men and women that were fervent for the Lord; they were no nonsense children of God that were set to die for the gospel. The enemy dreaded their prayers; in fact they were practically sent away from schools, fellowships, churches, homes or their neighborhoods because they became a clog in the wheel for the kingdom of darkness. Anytime they opened their mouths, the kingdom of darkness was in trouble. They are still very much around but very QUIET! What exactly silenced them? The Bible tells us that Jesus Christ is the Lion of the Tribe of Judah, thus, as children of the Most High God, we are young lions too! However, take a look around you; the spiritual mountains are littered with the bones of dead lions that once roared on the mountains. Some of those that are still living, roaming the landscapes have their voice boxes surgically removed. Of what good is a lion that cannot roar? Such a lion is as good as dead! No wonder the Bible says a living dog is better than a dead lion. Ezekiel 19:1-4 talked about a young lion that grew very powerful tearing and devouring its prey. This lion did great exploits that he aroused the interest and jealousy of the surrounding nations; they laid traps for him that eventually caught him and he was then taken to Egypt. By verse 9b we saw the reason why this was done “so his roar could no longer be heard on  the mountains of Israel." The surrounding nations will do anything to silence him. Lets bring the message home a bit. You were doing so well in the Lord. You strode the spiritual landscape like a colossus some time ago, suddenly, you no longer function as you used to. Your roar is no better than a puppy’s yelp! What went wrong? Please, don’t take your silence for granted, something silenced you and it must be silenced in return. The Bible says in Galatians 5:7-8: “You were running well, Who prevented you from obeying the truth? This persuasion did not come from Him who called you.” So many children of God have been cut down suddenly at the midday of their race. Every day the Lord allows them to live is actually for them to see this error and quickly amend their ways. So many young lions have been silenced by sin, troubles whilst others were silenced by sudden prosperity. Friend, the aim of darkness is to spiritually surgically remove our voice boxes so that we would not be able to proclaim the wonders of God upon the spiritual mountains of the world. Have you been silenced in anyway? It doesn’t matter in what form, your Father in Heaven is waiting on you to re-fix and restore your voice box again. Some  may wonder: “why me?” Why not you? The Bible says when the lion roars who will not fear? If the enemy can silence you, then he has regained lost ground. Friend, it is time to regain our voices back, shout the enemy down and take back all that had been stolen from us.


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