The Faithful Steward 1

For everyone that is born of God, there is an expectation of Heaven on such lives. Each one of us has been given the opportunity, time and means to live for Christ by word and deed. This call of God over our lives is for service as stewards over the earth. A steward, whose job or responsibility is to provide service for a particular people or take care of a particular place on behalf of the Master. In this New Year, Friend, the Lord forbids us to be idle. It is expected of us as stewards to be faithful in our duties which is our responsibility. In Luke 19:12-27, we were told of a certain noble man who was going on a journey to a far country to receive for himself a kingdom and to return. Verse 13 says “And he called his ten servants and delivered them 10 pounds and said unto them, Occupy till I come.” One thing you will see clearly from this scripture is ‘responsibility’ – a call to serve. We could say here that this responsibility is our response to the abilities we have been given. But remember that every responsibilty carries accountability. It then follows that the Master will return and the stewards must give account of the responsibilities they were given.  The noble man in Luke 19:13 said “…occupy till I come.” The question is how do we occupy? Very simple, it is to take charge, to be in control on His behalf using His terms. Any other way and we will be unfaithful. In Genesis 1:26 the Bible records that after man was created, he was given dominion over all that God has created. When man fell, however, what he should have dominated turned around and dominated him. For us to prosper in our endeavor, which is the command of God, we must not just find our place in God but must occupy it faithfully till He returns. However, to be in charge is not to lord it over or dominate people rather it is to serve them. What exactly where they asked to occupy in Luke 19? They were asked to occupy the land until the master returns. The intention of the Master is that they will serve and carry on as if he is there amongst them. Likewise, we must conduct ourselves on this earth in a manner that men will see Him in us in ALL we do because the Bible says in 1John 4:17b “…because as He is, so are we in this world.” God bless you.


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