How Prepared Are You?

‘Jesus Christ is coming back soon’ has become a refrain and so many even amongst children of God have seen it as ‘some’ event that will happen in the not so clear distant future. They believe they have ample time to enjoy the ‘delights’ of this world by living and acting as they please. As a result, so many are not prepared to receive Him if He shows up NOW! Apostle Peter in 2 Peter 3:1-7 reminds us that we should not listen to the scoffers that will appear in the last days following their own lusts saying ‘where is the promise of His coming?’ These scoffers opine that since the days of the fathers of old all things have been going on as before. Apostle Peter was not writing about his time but about the times we are in, for indeed we are in the last days – take a look around you! Many scoffers have arisen in our time teaching principles that turn the hearts of men away from the impending return of Jesus Christ. One thing you must understand is that the total destruction that happened years ago by flood was caused by the Lord and there are scientific and archeological proofs to the event. If we agree with this, then you must understand that if the first world was swept away by flood at the command of the Lord, then know for sure that He means every word when He says He is coming back again and this world has been reserved for fire. Verse 11 of that Scripture asked a very apt question: what manner of men should we then be seeing that these things are true? It then goes on to tell us that we should conduct ourselves in holy conduct and godliness as we wait for and earnestly desire the coming of the day of the Lord. Luke 12:35 (GNB) tells us “Be ready for whatever comes, dressed for action and with your lamps lit…” We must not only be ready but be dressed for the occasion. The clothing talked about here is not our physical clothes but our conduct which must be holy and godly. The only way we can claim to be prepared is if we live lives that are holy and dedicated to God: a life that is not manipulated by self, demons or the principles and opinions of men. A life that is wholly directed by the Holy Spirit through the word of God, thus according to verse 36, such life will be in a constant state of preparedness and no matter what time the Master returns he will be prepared to receive Him. Unfortunately, there are so many distractions to take our focus from this goal and occupy our minds with mundane things. Friend, Jesus Christ return is no longer soon but near, how prepared are you? Does the thought fill you with dread? If so check your ‘clothing’, you are wearing the wrong clothes. It is time to look at the word of God which is a mirror and begin to dress properly. He is coming back and it is so near; your state of preparedness or lack thereof will not hasten nor delay Him. We must be dressed ready for action because He is through the door already. Friend, if you release yourself totally to Him by living His word you will be one of those that will receive Him. Praise God! God bless you.


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