Stand And Be Alert!

One thing that is becoming increasingly clear as the coming of Christ draws ever closer is the urgency in the Heart of God that His sons will make up their minds to stand and be alert: spiritually sensitive to the happenings around them and taking their stand. Friend, this times are not times to react emotionally to everything that comes our way, we must seek to know the heart and mind of God concerning every issue. The children of Israel in Judges 5:14-18 were in a state of war and each tribe was to respond accordingly as it concerned all the tribes. Unfortunately, some of the tribes did not walk with God to know what they should do. The Bible says Reuben was indecisive because they were distracted by things that ought not to distract them; thus their valiant men stayed at home when they should have been at war. Gilead played safe across the Jordan since the war was far away. Gilead forgot that the war will extend to his land if the victory goes to the enemy. Dan went sailing pretending that there were no problems. Asher was unmoved and kept his distance thinking it will make him safe and secure. But Zebulun and Naphtali defied death by risking their lives. They obtained a great victory because God went into the battle ahead of them. This year, the Lord has gone ahead of us, how then do we respond? Indeed we are more than conquerors if only we can adhere to what the Lord is saying at this time! It is an exercise in folly if we think that corruption and evil can be eradicated from the world by our arguments. The Bible makes it very clear that as the Day draws near, evil will increase and be more subtle. This year is indeed filled with tremendous blessings but to receive them depends on our positioning. Ephesians 6:10-18 starts with “Finally” and by verse 14 says “Stand therefore…” – denoting that after all has been said and done, this is the position we must adopt to overcome the tricks of the kingdom of darkness. This is a year with a lot of promise but we need the strength of God to weather through the year in victory as conquerors and kings. In this, God says we must stand. He is not releasing His strength to us for us to sit or lie down but to take our place in Him and remain standing. If we allow ourselves to get carried away with the euphoria of prosperity or the challenges, there is the tendency to lose our footing in God. The armor that the Lord says we should put on is not for sleeping or idling but to do battle, not with each other but with the kingdom of darkness. By verse 18 the Lord went on to tell us to stand, saying we must be alert at all times. This simply means to be alert in the spirit: praying at all times in all manner of prayers and requests. This calls for perseverance and continuity. 1Corinthians 16:13 says “Be alert, stand firm in the faith, be brave and strong.” Amplified version added “Act like men and be courageous; grow in strength.” Friend, this is not the time to be overly concerned by the indices churned out by the economic and political systems of the world, but it is time to be alert in the spirit. Taking our stand against every unrighteousness and be alert to repel them in all manner of prayers and requests. God bless you.


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